David Schoulder Concept

shoulder rehabilitation

In our center we provide shoulder joint physiotherapy, based on the latest medical reports as well as our own experience and research. For the quickest return to functioning of our patients with shoulder injuries, we use the most modern equipment we have: David Schoulder Concept, Shock Wave, High-energy laser; we provide treatments based on the patterns and methods we developed, supported by the research that we conducted.

A very important aspect of effective therapy of shoulder pain and mobility disorders in this joint is the way of carrying rehabilitation, its intensity, an appropriate, selected for each patient intensity of exercises, and above all, their precise repeatability in parameters such as strength and range of motion. Such precise repetition of treatments and exercises is extremely important to be able to restore shoulder function as soon as possible, without occurring in such cases micro injuries and secondary injuries.. 

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, as well as to the fact of having the most modern equipment and technologies, we have developed a very effective way of restoring functioning in the shoulder girdle.

May our knowledge be at your disposal

Shoulder rehabilitation