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We provide services based on the cutting-edge technologies and equipment as well as the most effective and proven therapy methods.

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Welcome to the Fizjomed Medical Center

Our Rehabilitation Center was established in 2010 and provides services based on the latest technologies and equipment as well as the most effective and proven methods of therapy.

David Schoulder Concept.- We specialize in shoulder rehabilitation being the 1st in Poland and 2nd in Europe that has specialized equipment for shoulder therapy with biofeedback – David schoulder concept.

In shoulder rehabilitation, the precision of the procedures and recommended exercises is extremely important, so that recovery continues as quickly as possible and to minimize the risk of micro-injuries or secondary injuries occurring during the rehabilitation.S

Well-trained staff and David Schoulder Concept give us such quality of treatments.

The highest quality of treatments is guaranteed by the trained personnel, particularly by the founder and owner, Anna Świtała, who gained her knowledge about shoulder rehabilitation in her research on these injuries.

She shares that knowledge and her experience in improving the shoulder joint in scientific publications.

Rehabilitation at the patient's home

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Rehabilitation at the patient's home

Early rehabilitation is a guarantee of a quick return to functioning from a pre-injury or dysfunction. Therefore, Fizjomed provides private services and as a part of a contract with the NFZ at the patient's home. We visit people who had strokes, craniocerebral injuries, fractures, limb, spine surgeries, patients with Parkinson's disease, with multiple sclerosis, atrophic lateral sclerosis, and others.

Rehabilitation with hospitalisation

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Rehabilitacja z pobytem stacjonarnym

For patients living outside Biłgoraj or those who would like to quickly return to normal functioning, we offer hospitalisation along with therapy, in a separate apartment located inside our center.


Shoulder pains

Painful shoulder syndrome, traumatic shoulder injuries

- In our center we provide shoulder joint physiotherapy, based on the latest medical reports as well as our own experience and research. For the quickest return to functioning of our patients with shoulder injuries, we use the most modern equipment we have: David Schoulder Concept, Shock Wave, High-energy laser; we provide treatments based on the patterns and methods we developed, supported by the research that we conducted. More information here

Neurological patients

Strokes, craniocerebral injuries, multiple sclerosis, spinal injuries, Parkinson's disease, discopathy

In the case of neurological diseases or injuries with complications in the area of the nervous system, crucial thing is to start rehabilitation as soon as possible. Therefore, the most important first six months, during which a significant improvement in lost functions can be achieved. It’s important as well not to neglect regained functions in the subsequent years of life after the neurological incident.

Orthopedic patients

We provide effective rehabilitation of patients after injuries of the locomotor system, both before and after surgery.

Hand and wrist injuries, injuries in general, elbow-area fractures, shoulder injuries, knee-area injuries and fractures, ankle and foot-area injuries and fractures, injuries and fractures around the hip, inflammatory changes in the joints, pains and injuries of athletes, osteoporosis, soft tissue damage to the locomotor system, i.e. muscles, ligaments and tendons

Pain treatment

Arthralgia, backache, headache, myalgia

One of the reasons why patients come to us is pain. It determines their functioning by limiting the comfort of life. That is why we use effective methods of working with the patient in therapy based on feedback of where the cause of pain is. On this basis, we provide therapy and instruct the patient on how to deal with possible pain relapses.

Rheumatological patients

Rheumatological patients


Classic, relaxing, Chinese bubble, segmental, sports, transverse

Correction of posture defects

• scoliosis
• flat feet
• Faulty knee posture
•Round back
•Chest deformities

Oncological patients

E.g. after:
• mastectomy
• after removal of lymph nodes
•after removal of a tumor in a head area

David Schoulder Concept

Shoulder rehabilitation

W naszym ośrodku prowadzimy fizjoterapię stawu barkowego w oparciu o najnowsze doniesienia medyczne oraz własne doświdczenia i badania. Dla jak najsparwniejszego powrotu naszych pacjentów z urazami barków do sprawności wykorzystujemy posiadany przez nas najowocześniejszy sprzęt: David Schouldr Concept, Fala Uderzeniowa, Laser wysokoenergetyczny i prowadzimy terapię w oparciu o wypracowane prze nas wzorce i metody, poparte badaniami, które prowadziliśmy.
Bardzo istotnym aspektem skutecznej fizjoterapii stanów bólowych barku oraz zaburzeń ruchomości w tym stawie jest sposób prowadzenia rehabilitacji , jej natężenie, odpowiednia – dobrana do każdego pacjenta indywidualnie intensywność ćwiczeń, a przede wszystkim ich precyzyjna powtażalność w takich parametrach jak siła i zakres ruchu. Dzięki posiadanej przez nas wiedzy i doświadczeniu, a także posiadaniu najnowocześniejszych urządeń i technologii, wypracowaliśy bardzo skuteczny spoób przywracania sprawności w obręczy barkowej. Zapraszamy do korzystania z naszej wiedzy.

Shoulder rehabilitation


Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia

We provide comprehensive physiotherapy services, both private and as part of a contract with the NFZ.

We offer outpatient treatments and rehabilitation at home.

We use in therapy:

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