We specialize in shoulder rehabilitation being the 1st in Poland and 2nd in Europe that has specialized equipment for shoulder therapy with biofeedback – David Schoulder Concept.

In shoulder rehabilitation, the precision of the procedures and recommended exercises is extremely important, so that recovery continues as quickly as possible and to minimize the risk of micro-injuries or secondary injuries occurring during the rehabilitation.

Well-trained staff and David Schoulder Concept give us such quality of treatments.

The highest quality of treatments is guaranteed by the trained personnel, particularly by the founder and owner, Anna Świtała, who gained her knowledge about shoulder rehabilitation in her research on these injuries.

She shares that knowledge and her experience in improving the shoulder joint in scientific publications.

Anna Świtała – Owner

I graduated with a Master’s degree in physiotherapy and I have been fulfilling my profession since 2005. Since 2010 I have continuously run a private physiotherapy practice.

Since 2014, as part of the Fizjomed Medical Center I have created, I also provide services under the contract with the NFZ.

I specialize in shoulder rehabilitation and in this field I have conducted and continue to conduct research and publish academic works. In my scientific work, I cooperate with the Medical Faculty of the University of Rzeszów and carry scientific and professional development in this field​

We would like to offer you a modern view of rehabilitation and restore hope for normal functioning in everyday life.

We adapt our services to individual needs and expectations of our patients.

Physiotherapists of Fizjomed

Master’s degree

Anna Świtała

Master’s degree

Dominika Szewc

Master’s degree

Monika Krzeszowiec

Master’s degree

Agnieszka Bielańska

Master’s degree

Natalia Koszel

Batchelor’s degree

Zuzanna Hałas

massage therapist

Aleksandra Berkowicz